Kim Kardashian抗皺密技不是打botox或塗面霜,而是收起笑容。零表情這方法可能是極端了一點,但卻道出皺紋的真理:這些不受歡迎的小線條除了是陽光及歲月逼大家收取的禮物外,也是因為長期重複運用面部某些肌肉的結果。所以為了將來的我們,現在就要改善自己面部的小動作,不讓它們做皺紋的幫兇。

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別等待皺紋出現時才搶救,現在就積極保住青春。提倡由環境、個人習慣、飲食、護膚等全方位入手的韓裔美國整容醫生Anthony Youn就建議以下生活方式,減緩皺紋的出現:




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😴If you periodically wake up after a hard night’s sleep with pillow wrinkles on your face, you might wonder whether they’re going to stick around. Your mother may have told you that frowning or looking cross-eyed too often can make your face “stick that way.” 🛏What can I say— sometimes mothers are correct! Actually, sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles. A crease on any given day won’t have an effect, but if you always sleep on your face or on your side, creasing your face in the same way night after night, the deep creases that are temporary in the beginning can become permanent over the years. These are called sleep wrinkles, and are different from wrinkles formed by muscles . The best way to avoid sleep wrinkles is to sleep on your back I recognize not everyone can do this. Some of my patients say they can’t sleep on their back because it's uncomfortable, or they have breathing or snoring issues, but your sleep position is usually nothing more than a habit. Unless you have a medical problem like sleep apnea, or you are pregnant, it's worth a try . Here are some tips for better back-sleeping 🔹Put a pillow under your knees to make you more comfortable. This can also take pressure off your lower back 🔹If you get congested at night, add an extra pillow so you can be just slightly propped up as you sleep 🔹Try a cervical neck pillow. These pillows are designed to cradle your neck while you sleep and help prevent the dreaded neck spasm that many of us occasionally wake up with . If you must sleep on your side, a satin or silk pillowcase will not crease your skin as much as a cotton or polyester pillow. If you insist on continuing to sleep on your face (old habits die hard ~ emphasis on old), I recommend 100% silk pillowcases . Or better yet, check out the Juverest® pillow, which can be purchased online This special pillow designed by a board-certified plastic surgeon from Las Vegas, was designed to prevent the formation of sleep wrinkles. It has a special cradle for your head if you’re a back sleeper and face support for side sleepers, leaving the face completely un-creased throughout the night. . 😴Now that’s real beauty sleep!

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